Golden Beer for Golden Year

beer bottling fermentation home-brew wheat

The best part of home-brewing, beside drinking of course, is bottling! Seeing the beer filling up the bottles, capping them, and immediately started the countdown!! This batch of beer is lighter, sweeter, less alcohol (I forgot to take initial measurement, but packing stated ~4%), and smell really good. Perfect for CNY family re-union!    

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Home-brew Bavarian Beer

beer bubbling fermentation home-brew

This batch of beer fermentation is really vigorous! And very loud bubbling sound too! This has been going for the past 2 days, and still bubbling. So vigorous that the beer mixture also spilling out with the bubbles. 

But it smell very good. And tasted bitter, maybe mostly beer malt. 

Wish me luck.

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Chinese New Year - Bavarian Wheat Beer!

beer homebrew wheat yeast

Chinese New Year will be truly special this year - new found interest in home-brew beer! Started a new batch today - Bavarian Wheat! A sweeter one (bitter score of 1/5) compare the the 1st batch of dark bitter one (3/5). Color should be medium gold, and cloudy, I think. I hope. Will find out in about 7 days. Home brew is really easy: 1) Buy a pack of beer malt, and 2x sugar 2) Add beer malt and sugar into 5 liters of hot water, stir till dissolved 3) Top up 18 liters of cold water, ideally the temperature...

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Making Glutinous Rice Wine at Home - In Summary/Review

angjiu confinement fermentation filtering glutinous rice wine homemade huangjiu lees pasteurize red yeast rice residual yeast

For those who find the details intimidating, here is a brief summary/review:1. Ingredients- glutinous rice- yeast balls/biscuits (3 for each kg of rice) - crush to fine pieces or powdery form- red yeast rice (10g for kg of rice) - can be used as it or crush to fine crumbs or powdery form (*mix the yeast and red yeast rice together) 2. Steps- soak rice in clean cold water for 8-12 hours- steam ~2 kg of rice each time (or use rice cooker) on high heat for about 45 minutes- let the cooked rice cool down completely (rinsing over cold...

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Making Glutinous Rice Wine at Home - Day 31, Bottling!

angjiu bottling confinement fermentation filtering glutinous rice wine homemade huangjiu lees red yeast rice yeast

This is it! After 30 days, you get about 8 bottles of these sweet glutinous rice wine.Ideally the bottles should be dark color like those red wine bottles. So keep them in dry cool place and away from sunlight. They can last for months in room temperature without turning darker or turning sour. For best result, store them in the refrigerator and they will remain the same freshness for years.Cheers!!!*contact me for free sample!  

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