Patchwork quilt (or blanket more commonly called in Asia)

homemade patchworm quilt


This is my humble store selling my homemade patchwork quilt. 

I started making patchwork quilt since I was a little girl, helping my mother with the odds and ends. Later in life, I started making them using recycled clothes, bed-sheets, left-over fabrics from relatives and friends. Most of them were given away to relatives and friends, and some of those made with better quality fabrics were also donated to various charity organizations and funding raising events that help old folks and children.

Recent, I started receiving requests from friends to make for them for their special occasions, like for Mother's Day, Birthdays, etc. So I thought way not just setting up this store to let people who wanted to order for their special ones.

Please feel free to browse the items here or in our Facebook Store:, or contact me @ 83227961 or email:

*as these are homemade (and handmade), it take a couple of days to complete, so the available stock is usually low. Kind conta contact us if you need more pieces, or have special requirement on sizes or color schemes, etc


Thank you for visiting, and have a nice day.

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