About Us


We are husband and wife team who make traditional goods at home in Singapore. Currently we are making patchwork quilts and glutinous rice wine, and later some other traditional homemade items like ethnic food and handicrafts.

We have been making them for past several years for own consumption and given away to relatives and friends, and frequently donated away to old folks' home and children' home, also as part of charity fund raising.

We have since received many requests, some for own use and some to help charity events. So we decided to setup this online store to making communication easier. If you've a need for these items for own use, feel to to purchase them directly.  If you want to channel them to any charity organizations you wish to support, please contact us to make the arrangement.

Our contact: 

Phone: +65 83227961 (Nicole) / +65 97329374 (HL) 

email: masterwong.13aunt@gmail.com





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