Patchwork quilt (or blanket more commonly called in Asia)

homemade patchworm quilt

Hi, This is my humble store selling my homemade patchwork quilt.  I started making patchwork quilt since I was a little girl, helping my mother with the odds and ends. Later in life, I started making them using recycled clothes, bed-sheets, left-over fabrics from relatives and friends. Most of them were given away to relatives and friends, and some of those made with better quality fabrics were also donated to various charity organizations and funding raising events that help old folks and children. Recent, I started receiving requests from friends to make for them for their special occasions, like for...

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2013 International Cultural Festival @ The Lawn

charity event homemade patchwork quilt

Today Hui Khor and I recky at The Lawn, we brought the 10 meter strip of our big patchwork to the actual place that we are going to display our hardwork and write a new record for Singapore. The actual size will be 16 x 10 meters, come support me and all the mamas on 20/07/13 (Sunday) at 5pm. 最近我在忙什么叻? 是的,就是这个16 x 10米的超级百衲被! 图中的面积只是5份1而已。欢迎你带领家人朋友前来支持我们这群妈妈们, 我们即将刷新新加坡的记录。20/07/13(日)下午5点, 约定你。  

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