Making Glutinous Rice Wine at Home - In Summary/Review

angjiu confinement fermentation filtering glutinous rice wine homemade huangjiu lees pasteurize red yeast rice residual yeast

For those who find the details intimidating, here is a brief summary/review:1. Ingredients- glutinous rice- yeast balls/biscuits (3 for each kg of rice) - crush to fine pieces or powdery form- red yeast rice (10g for kg of rice) - can be used as it or crush to fine crumbs or powdery form (*mix the yeast and red yeast rice together) 2. Steps- soak rice in clean cold water for 8-12 hours- steam ~2 kg of rice each time (or use rice cooker) on high heat for about 45 minutes- let the cooked rice cool down completely (rinsing over cold...

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Making Glutinous Rice Wine at Home - Day 30, Harvest time!

angjiu confinement cooling fermentation glutinous rice wine homemade huangjiu pasteurize red yeast rice yeast

Once all the wine is harvested, most brewer would just leave it to "settle" overnight and start bottling it. I would prefer to "pasteurize" it by heating it up to around 70 deg C to kill off the remaining yeast. This will prevent further fermentation within the bottle when kept in room temperature. Even without pasteurization, the fermentation will stop over longer period of time (in several months) but the wine would turn darker and darker. The wine will taste like cherry or port, sometimes even turn into black sweet and sour vinegar!When boiling, careful not to heat it up above...

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