Golden Beer for Golden Year

beer bottling fermentation home-brew wheat

The best part of home-brewing, beside drinking of course, is bottling! Seeing the beer filling up the bottles, capping them, and immediately started the countdown!! This batch of beer is lighter, sweeter, less alcohol (I forgot to take initial measurement, but packing stated ~4%), and smell really good. Perfect for CNY family re-union!    

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Chinese New Year - Bavarian Wheat Beer!

beer homebrew wheat yeast

Chinese New Year will be truly special this year - new found interest in home-brew beer! Started a new batch today - Bavarian Wheat! A sweeter one (bitter score of 1/5) compare the the 1st batch of dark bitter one (3/5). Color should be medium gold, and cloudy, I think. I hope. Will find out in about 7 days. Home brew is really easy: 1) Buy a pack of beer malt, and 2x sugar 2) Add beer malt and sugar into 5 liters of hot water, stir till dissolved 3) Top up 18 liters of cold water, ideally the temperature...

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